Quick Cucumber Kimchi (from Healthy Green Kitchen)

I have mentioned before that I’m taking part in the Sustainable Eats year-long Urban farming challenge. It is true that I am a city girl, also true that I don’t much like getting dirty! Having said that there is a part of me that loves the idea of living in the open and growing my own food. Maybe a future life change but for now I make do with what I can grow in my tiny city garden and with the very generous crops that come from my Mother in law’s allotment. The challenge for August is food preservation. I’ve preserved lots,  I made Peach Pie conserve also courgette relish, dill pickles, fig jam and more. There were further challenges within food preserving such as fermentation. Lacto-fermentation is meant to have many health benefits so this is something that interests me but I have no experience of it.  Last year I made Winnie’s Pickled Cukes using lacto-fermentation and they were great so I knew where to head when I decided I would like to give Kimchi a try. Winnie’s blog Healthy Green Kitchen is one of my favourite blogs, full of healthy, delicious recipes and the photography is stunning! I chose to make the cucumber kimchi as I had a bunch of cucumbers freshly picked that morning. It’s really easy to make and no cooking is involved. I found the Cucumber kimchi to be incredibly flavourful, its tangy, sweet and a little sharp. I’ve been using it as a vegetable side dish and have really enjoyed it, I can not deny that I have also eaten forkfuls of t right from the jar!

Quick Cucumber Kimchi (using this recipe from Healthy Green Kitchen)

  • I didn’t have tamari or liquid aminos so used 3/4 tbsp of soy sauce instead.
  • I used 1 tbsp of garlic rather than 2.



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  1. #1 by Wendy Read (@Sunchowder) on September 21, 2012 - 14:11

    I love Winnie’s blog too Jayne 🙂 I am so busy preserving with vinegar that I hardly ever just fement on my counter–things ferment so much quicker here too–hard to control the sourness! Yours look delicious.

  1. My Year of the Urban Farm Challenge | Made by Jayne

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