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British Jubilee Trifle

It’s a long time since I entered the Forever Nigella challenge, cooking one of Nigella Lawson’s recipes following a theme each month. This month Forever Nigella is hosted by Nelly at Nelly’s Cupcakes, the theme this month is of course the Jubilee. It took me a while to think what to make within the jubilee theme, I eventually thought of trifle, that very British of desserts that I remember all the ladies in my family making. Trifle appeared at every Christmas or family get together. I do not have a trifle loving husband so haven’t made it for years and I used to have a trifle bowl but that is a distant memory. A friend lent me her traditional crystal trifle bowl which is perfect, just the kind of bowl trifles used to be served in. The trend nowadays, indeed even Nigella prefers, is for the bowl to be clear so that the layers show better. However where the jubilee is concerned, for me its all about tradition. I have been left a little disappointed by the arty twist on a lot of the jubilee souvenirs this year.

The recipe of Nigella’s that I used is the The Boozy British trifle from her Nigella Christmas book. I have made a few changes. The trifle bowl I’m using is not very big so I halved the recipe. Another incentive to halve the recipe was that I could not bring myself to use the 1.5 liters of double (heavy) cream in the original recipe! I used whipping cream for the topping, a little less fat and calories there! I know that trifle will never be a dieters friend but the amounts of cream in the recipe were shocking! The one thing I have never liked, I know a lot of people wont share my opinion, is alcohol in trifle! As a child sherry just ruined trifle for me! My husband is even less keen on alcohol in desserts than he is on trifle so this trifle is alcohol free, making it not at all boozy as the original recipe title says. I found the custard to taste quite eggy and not very sweet so I’ve added more sugar. I also changed the topping of the trifle to make it more fitting for a jubilee!

British Jubilee Trifle

The recipe for The Boozy British Trifle can be found on page 42-44 of Nigella Christmas

The changes I made to the recipe are as follows

  • I halved the recipe.
  • I used my homemade vanilla sugar in the custard and increased the amount to 100 grams.
  • In place of the sherry I used 225 ml of orange juice and omitted the orange zest.
  • I used whipping cream for the topping and whipped it fairly stiffly to be able to hold the fruit topping.
  • I used strawberries and blueberries for the topping.


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