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Happy New Year!

I’ve spent today belatedly trying to add some organisation to the end of the year! Anyone else out there doing that? I’ve tidied, cleaned out my kitchen utensil drawer, made some leek and potato soup and some of Cathy’s fabulous Salad in a jar Giardiniera which is vegetables in a blend of oil and vinegar, so fresh tasting and very addictive! As you can see after the splurges of the holiday season I’m already feeling guilty and looking to a healthier January!

I’ve had a good 2011,  its been quite eventful.  In May I wrote a review for Five Minute bread by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois on the wonderful online magazine Foodie Bugle!

I went to Vanessa Kimbell’s book launch of Prepped! in June. That was so exciting for me, nerve-wracking too as I made some cupcakes using a recipe from the book to take along!

My husband and I had a fabulous holiday in Florida in August where we managed to drive more than 2000 miles in 2 wonderful weeks of exploring. We also met the delightful Wendy of Sunchowders Emporia this really was a highlight of 2011 for me! I just loved Wendy and know she will always be a friend of mine. Her jams and pickles are amazing too, I just can’t wait for them to hit the big time, she so deserves it!

In November I took part in the food blogging gift swap Lets Make Christmas organised by the lovely Vanessa Kimbell at Fortnum & Mason. By some stroke of amazing luck I won the drinks section with the Slivovitz I entered! My prize is a champagne tasting evening in February which is something to look forward to in 2012!

Writing my blog has been a new experience to me and thank you to all who have stopped by to read it (it still astounds me that anyone, no matter how few, reads this!)

There have been many other highlights and good times,  but in fear of losing your interest suffice to say many, many wishes for a healthy, happy 2012 to you all!



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