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Happy New Year


A new year, I wonder if this one will go as fast as the last one?

We’ve moved into our new home.  London already feels like ages ago although it still kind of feels as if we are on vacation and we will be back there soon. It’s hard to believe that this house in a valley in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is home. Its beautiful here, really beautiful. I still drive around in wonder that I live somewhere surrounded in such natural beauty. Mountains, rivers, lakes and at the moment snow, lots of snow! The white stuff really comes down here! We discovered the “fun” of shoveling our drive clear only to have it snow again overnight, oh that hurt! Of course we had to experience it once but something more than a shovel is going to be needed here.

Although I grew up in America I’ve lived in the UK for all of my adult life, almost all of that time in London so I am very much a city girl. There are some adjustments to be made. I knew that there wouldn’t be a huge mall or even a small one for quite some distance. I was prepared to drive 45 minutes or an hour every now and then for the occasional retail therapy. I was also prepared for being the new guys in town and not knowing anyone. I’m not worried about driving on the other side of the road although I am not looking forward to having to take a new driving test, those New Hampshire rules just wont stick in my brain!

There are differences, though, that I had not anticipated. Don’t get me started on the cable company that we are forced to use, as they are the only company available up here in the mountains!

Food shopping was something I was really looking forward to but gosh its different! Can someone please explain why the organic milk has such a long sell by date? I bought some last week that is good until the middle of February! This does not seem right to me, how can milk last for so long, what is in it? Also why are chicken breasts so enormous? What kind of huge breasted chickens are these? I’ve found it hard to individually pick apples, sometimes I like to buy just one apple but I keep seeing them sold in big paper bags, am I allowed to take just one apple out of those bags? Muffins and cookies seem to be sold in packs of 24, are people here always taking big packets of cake to share at work? Why is sugar in almost all of the bread here? Even at the farmers market I asked a lady if there was sugar in the bread and she happily told me that no there was stevia in it! Um, no thanks! I like the variety of vegetables and one of my favorite things are pickles so I’m having a great time trying lots of new pickles! I love that I can easily buy Kimchi. My husband can not believe how long it takes me in a supermarket here but everything is new, I have to read every packet!

I look forward to sharing more recipes here soon.  For now I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of my new surroundings and to wish everyone visiting here a very happy, healthy new year!

White Mountains



white mountains


Mirror Lake




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